Why You Should Raise Voice against Domestic Violence in Pakistan

Why You Should Raise Voice against Domestic Violence in Pakistan

is saddest reality of our patriarchal society that one out of three women is suffering
the domestic violence by in-laws and husband. Conformist parents mostly teach
their daughter that she has to bear everything for making her marriage
successful. Those parents mostly fix the girl rishta for marriage by just
seeing the boy’s financial status. In those abusive marriages, woman starts
transforming her life for avoiding physical and mental abuse. However, every
minor mistake leads to evil practices. Nevertheless, various awareness
campaigns are now giving consciousness to woman for her rights. Woman has the
right to stand against any type of violence. If man does any mental or physical
abuse then woman can take action by using Pakistani Laws. Mostly women think
that they cannot get the online rishta in Pakistan after getting divorce.
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Islam and Domestic Violence

to Islamic teachings, men do not have the right to beat or abuse women in any
circumstances. The man, who abuses his wife or woman, will never be counted as
best among Muslims.

are many more ahadees of Muhammad (S.A.W) on rights of woman upon her husband.
All of them do not making it permissible to torture or beat the wife, even on
mistake. Pakistan is the Islamic state so we should follow the Islamic
teachings in our marriage life too. If one follows the Islamic tradition in
Pakistani shaadi, then he or she can make their marriage successful.

Awareness Campaigns against Domestic

global awareness campaign was started in 2018 against violence on women. The
campaign is named as Orange the World: #HearMeToo. After #MeToo campaign, every
victim starts raising her voice on any sort of harassment at workplace or
public place. However, victims of domestic violence do not take courage to
raise voice against domestic abuses. In this activist movement, survivors
support the victims and fight for the women right in marital life. The women
protection movement does not only aim to stop violence but also prevent
violence in future. The activists create awareness among woman that they can
raise her voice and get the relief from abusive marriage. After dissolving the
violent marriage, she can remarry the better person via online shaadi in

Pakistani Laws on Violence against

Laws are protecting the rights of women in our patriarchal society. Domestic
Violence is the complex social issue that should be discussed and condemn in
our society. Therefore, Islamic republic state is also taken legal action to
prevent and protect women from such abuses. The common reasons of domestic
abuses are husband’s loose temperament, husband unjustified demands, rebel
behavior of woman, age differences, patriarchal thinking, etc. However, none of
them can justify the abuse on women.

Pakistani penal code 1980

Pakistani Penal Code 1980 is made to charge criminal offences like domestic
violence. It has covered wide range of offence, such as Physical abuses, Mental
abuses, sexual assault, honor killing, marital rape, forced prostitution,
forced marriage, forced abortion, miscarriage after abuse, etc. If any woman faces
any of such abuse then she can file the complaint against her husband. Under
Pakistani penal code, she can get the protection. If she wants to take khulah
divorce then family court will help in dissolution of marriage without the
consent of husband. After divorce, she can start her life again by remarrying
via online shaadi in Pakistan.

Protection for Women (Criminal Law Amendment) Act, 2006

the amended Criminal Law, Protection for women act 2016, women should get
relief from mistreatments and abuses. It is made with the incorporation of
Pakistani Penal Code 1980. It protects the women from sexual assault, forced
marriage, illegal exchange of women, rapes, etc. It does not only stop such
abuses on women but also prevents them to occur again. They are considered as
the criminal offence so the man’s attempt to abuse will leads to imprisonment.

Domestic Violence Bill 2009

Violence Bill 2009 is made to provide security to victims which punishing the
criminal. It deals with any type of domestic abuse on any person in domestic
relation, on wife, children, sister, or mother. If any abuse or domestic
violence proves against culprit, then court will pose appalling penalty on him.
The punishment will be given in shape of heavy fine or imprisonment or both. This
law is supported with other women protection laws in Pakistan.

Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) act, 2012

Violence act 2012 can be considered as the reformed domestic violence bill
2009. It is also set to protect the women and children from domestic abuses,
such as metal and sexual assaults, harassment, deprived of inherited property,
confinement, etc. After filing the case, petitioner can take the protection
order or residence order for self-protection from culprit. Through Domestic
Violence act 2012, women empowerment and equal marital rights has been
promoted. It is gradually eliminating the domestic violence issue to some
extent. However, education and awareness are still needed to teach that rule of
zero tolerance to violence.

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