Why Most Women Are Not Getting Married In Pakistan

Why Most Women Are Not Getting Married In Pakistan

In our male dominant society, conservative parents do not allow their daughters to take any decision regarding their marriage. Girls are bonded to marry the chosen person on their parents’ command. However, this scenario is changing with the outbreak of girls’ education and awareness regarding rights of woman in our society. It was the trend that parents started seeking the rishta for girl in Pakistan when girl reached the age of marriage. It is the dominant reason of early marriage of girls in Pakistan. However, now woman refuses to get married at early age. They do not take the marriage as an only objective of life. Girls want to follow their dream first and then start the marital life, when they consider themselves ready for Pakistani shaadi. Now, educated parents are also allowing the girls to choose their future goal and follow their dream without any pressure of marriage. Here the common reasons for women refuse over marriage in Pakistan are mentioned.

1.Career Approach:

The career-oriented woman always keeps her career as priority. In this era of gender equality, woman goes side by side with man in every field of life. They place the marriage after career in their priority list. Whenever they get the online rishta for marriage or any marriage proposal, they simply refuse it for the sake of their career. Some broadminded parents also support their daughters in such decision. However, many parents put pressure of marriage on daughter because they believe that they cannot get the suitable boy rishta in Pakistan after 25. Many woman refuse to marry after finding that their husband may not allow her to pursue her career even after marriage. It is the dominant reason that workaholic women do not like to marry. They are firm and strong enough to cope with the taunts of society. However, online matrimonial website in Pakistan is providing the platform to find online boy rishta for marriage, who may support the woman in her career.  


The educated women become independent in our society and some of them do not want to compromise their independency for the sake of marriage. The Pakistani shaadi comes with many responsibilities. Woman has to sacrifice her independency for making her marriage successful. She may become dependent on her husband for meeting the society’s standard of happy marriage. These dependencies haunt her from online shaadi in Pakistan. Therefore, it becomes one of the dominant reasons of rejecting marriage proposals by women. Parents, although, pressurize the girl for marriage that cannot be done forcefully under Pakistani laws.

3.High expectations

Woman, who loves to read fantasy novels, starts expecting the Mr. Right rishta for her. She wants to get the boy rishta, who has all the good attributes that she dreams in her partner. For instance, high profile family, specific caste, well-settled financial status, businessman, nuclear family, etc. It will be considered as a miracle to get rishta with all such perfect attributes. Everyone has to compromise on some features, either in girl rihsta or boy rishta. Such high expectations do not satisfy the woman by any marriage proposal. Therefore, she keeps refusing every rishta and remains single forever. However, online matchmaking site is putting all of its effort to get you the marriage proposal as per your expectation.

4.Scared of responsibilities

shaadi comes with numerous responsibilities. A woman has to perform various
roles after marriage, such as a wife, a mother, a daughter in-law, etc. Our
society expects the woman to be perfect in every role of her life. Therefore,
woman may become scared with such bundles of responsibilities. They keep
rejecting the proposals to escape from duties. The lack of confidences and
self-esteem are the reasons of such uncertainties. In such cases, parents need
to boost the self-esteem of their daughter so she can prepare herself for
upcoming married life.

5.Bad Experiences in Relationships

who brought up in broken families, may become scared of marriage. Girl, who may
see her father abusing her mother, will never like any man. She may has casted
the image that every husband mistreats the wife for every minor things. This
image becomes the reason that woman keeps dodging the marriage for life. She
considered herself secured without such relationship. Girls, who betrayed by
her boyfriend, also do not want to marry anyone. Such girls may have the trust
issue. They do not trust any man, as they believe that every man is the same. Parents
can rescue her daughter from such bad thoughts by providing her confidence.
Parents can find the Mr. Right for their daughter through the service of online
shaadi in Pakistan and convince her daughter by showing the benefits of

Forced marriage under
Pakistani Law

cannot force the daughter for marrying with any person, irrespective of girl’s
reason to refuse proposal. According to S.498-B Pakistan Penal Code, if man
marries a girl without her consent then he will be punished with find of RS
500000/- and with 3 to 7 years imprisonment. If you see any forced marriage,
then contact the police and file the complaint on them. Girl has the right to
choose her life partner, as per her requirement. No one can force her for
marriage on any circumstances.

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