What And Why Medical Test Should Be Done Before Cousin Marriage?

Cousin marriages are frequently done in Pakistan, as many Pakistani families belief that marriage within the family can restore their progeny. This stereotype concept is now changing after looking various cases of genetic inheritance disorders. Science has proved that the consanguineous marriages or first cousin marriages trigger the genetic mutation and result in genetic disorders in next progeny.Most of the countries prohibited the marriage between closely related relatives or cousin. However, it is not the solution.

Many couples enter into their married life without knowing about the health status and pre-conceive notion of their partner. It may causes difficulty in conception and during pregnancy,and may increase the risk of hereditary disease in off springs.For healthy and happy married life, science has recommended to must do premarital test before proceeding for marriage.Here, you can find some pre marital tests, which should be done before marrying within the family.

Blood Group Compatibility Test

Both the partners should have the compatible blood groups, as incompatible blood groups may affect the fetus during pregnancy. If the blood group of mother is not compatible with conceived child, the antibodies of maternal blood group will damage the fetus blood cell. This condition is known as Rhesus Disease. It may also lead to miscarriage. This condition can also only avoid by doing blood group compatibility test before marriage. It is the preventive test done before marriage for ensuring healthy married life ahead. If you are seeking online girl rishta or online boy rishta outside the caste, this test will still important to be done before marriage.

Fertility Test:

In Pakistan, people mostly feel ashamed while asking for fertility test before marriage. It is the vital issue, which must be discussed before marriage. Marriage is the long-term relationship that should not only be fastened only on affection. Especially in cousin marriage, both the families agree on rishta for marriage only on family terms.Gynecologists highly encourage the concept of fertility test before marriage for ensuring healthy and happy marriage. The fertility test for man is seminal analysis and the fertility test for women is ovulation test. Although, hormonal assay is checked for both men and women, to find the production rate of FSH, LH, Prolactin hormone, Testosterone hormone, estrogen hormone and progesterone hormone.

Genetic Medical Conditions Testing

In cousin marriage, there is the higher risk of dominance of genetic inheritance disorders in offspring, which would be life threatening for baby.The most commonly found genetic inherence diseases are diabetes, Thalassemia, hypertension, blood pressure, kidney disease, cancer, etc. Doctors highly recommend doing genetic testing specially before cousin marriage, so the couple can think one time more for marriage proposal or prepare themselves for possible challenges. In genetic testing, the genetic order of one partner is compared to other partner. It will find the probability of having offspring, who may have any physical or mental abnormality. It is also recommended taking the preconception and premarital counseling for ensuring the healthy married life.

Test for sickle cell gene

Sickle cell gene is able to cause the chronic medical condition. It is actually arises when person has the defected RBCs. This disease can be transferred to baby if both the partner can sickle cell gene, even in recessive form. Both the recessive alleles become dominant in baby. If only one partner is carrier of sickle cell gene, baby will only get recessive sickle cell gene. Whether you are going for cousin marriage or marriage outside the family, you should go for testing the sickle cell genes.

Sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) tests:

In Pakistan, minor population has the awareness about sexually transmitted diseases. However, STDs cases are increasing day by day. The main reason is that people do not test it as preventive measure. It becomes important to do Sexual transmitted disease tests before marriage, either within family or outside the family. The common STDs are HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, etc. If any of these diseases diagnose earlier then married couple can save their married life from straining. It is recommended to always ask your to be husband or wife regarding STDs test before marriage for ensuring the happy and healthy life ahead. If you are looking for online girls rishta for marriage or online boy rishta for marriage in Pakistan, these tests should be preferred for happy marriage.

Why to do premarital test before cousins’marriage:

In Pakistan, marriage is considered as the staple and important event of life. Pakistani families feel secured in marrying off the daughter or taking the girl from their own family. Almost 70 % people prefer to take girl rishta or boy rishta within family. However, this percentage is now decreasing as per consequence of cousin marriage in next progeny. The genetic abnormalities, birth defects in newborn, and complications in pregnancies are most commonly found consequences of cousin marriage. It is highly recommended testing premarital status of both the partners before going ahead for marriage. The most recommended medical test before cousin marriage is genetic screening test.

Alternative of Cousin Marriage:

It is not important to marry within same family. Inter caste marriage system is also attaining popularity in Pakistan, as there is better chance to have healthy progeny and happy married life. Although, if your family does not allow the inter caste marriage, you can search the rishta in your baradari or caste, rather than within your family. The online matrimonial website gives the platform to search the rishta in any caste, such as ArainRishta, Mughal rishta, Butt Rishta, Sheikh rishta, Rajput rishta, syed, rishta, jutt rishta, khan rishta, malik rishta, and more. It also allows you to get girl rishta or boy rishta in any city, via online rishta service in Pakistan. For instance, rishta in Lahore, Rishta in Karachi, Rishta in Islamabad, Rishta in Faisalabad, Rishta in Gujrat, Rishta in multan, Rishta in Quetta, Rishta in Peshawar, etc. Ensure your happy cousins  marriage by doing premarital tests or find the perfect rishta for marriage in your caste through the facility of online shaadi service in Pakistan.

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