Validity of Divorce via Video call

Validity of Divorce via Video call

Nikkah is the beautiful relationship between two people and it is supposed to last until death. People find their perfect soulmate from online shaadi service in Pakistan and want to live whole life with that ultimate life partner. However, divorce ratio has been increased in last few decades. The common reason behind such vigorous increase in divorce ratio in Pakistan is lack of equality, communication gap, misunderstandings, constant arguing and conflicts, unlikeness, cheating, extramarital affairs, money, etc. According to the civil law of Pakistan, court can grant divorce on three reasons, i.e.

  • If husband and
    wife live separately for at least one year
  • If anyone of
    them has extramarital affair, and cheating his/her spouse
  • If anyone of
    them is doing domestic abuse, violence, mental cruelty on other person

in Islam:

In Islam, husband can give revocable divorce to his wife by simply saying three times talaaq by mentioning the name of his wife. This type of divorce is classified as minor divorced as husband can revoke the divorce within 90 days or iddat period of woman. In Quran, Allah instructs that:

If you divorce women, and they reach their appointed term, hold them back in amity or let them go in amity. Do not hold them back out of malice, to be vindictive. Whoso does this does himself injustice”. (2:231)

of valid divorce:

should find that whether he is complying with the condition to divorce or not.
The necessary conditions of valid divorce are:

  • Woman should not be on her menstruation period, at the time of divorce.
  • Woman should not be pregnant, at the time of divorce.
  • There should be two witnesses at the time of revocable divorce. Husband can revoke the divorce by returning to his wife during iddat.

Digital Divorce under
Pakistani Divorce Law:

the intrusion of technology, digital divorce on any social communication mean
has also taken the highlights. According to the court decision on such
circumstances, divorce on audio call or message cannot be considered as valid. However,
divorce granted on Video call is considered as valid divorce. Lahore high court
has been given this decision on the PDL 2015, page no. 231. In addition, the
digital divorce on video call is also considered as one revocable divorce.
Therefore, husband can revoke the divorce by contacting his wife within the
duration of iddat.

If you are going through such situation then you must consult the divorce lawyer. Divorce lawyer gives you better understanding regarding the validity of digital divorce in Islam and in law. The divorced women can do second marriage after completing the iddat duration. If you are looking for the rishta for divorced girl or divorced boy then you should visit the online matrimonial portal. The service of online rishta in Pakistan is providing the ultimate platform to find the suitable soulmate according to requirement. The free registration, reasonable priced packages, fast matchmaking, and easy to search rishta in Pakistan are making online shadi service reliable and trustworthy.

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