Top 10 Reasons That Lead To Divorce in Pakistani Marriages

Top 10 Reasons That Lead To Divorce in Pakistani Marriages

Divorce is considered as immoral thing in Pakistani society. However, the rate of divorce is continuously rising as an impact of modern world social issues. Divorce does not only affect social life of man and woman but their children also suffer. Most of the parents hasten to fix the girl rishta or boy rishta in Pakistan for fulfilling their responsibilities. When they get the suitable rishta for marriage, they fix it without checking the compatibility. It becomes seed of rickety conjugal relationship. To make your marriage successful, you need to be conscious while choosing the online rishta in Pakistan. Afterward, just be loyal in marriage and try to cope with all issues that may lead to divorce. The top reasons that lead to divorce are mentioned below.

1.Impractical expectations:

someone gets the ideal rishta for marriage, he or she sets the high expectation
from the marriage. The unrealistic expectations always lead to misunderstandings
and conflicts. Woman usually expects that her husband will leave his parents on
her demand. Husband expects that his wife will follow all his instructions without
asking wrong and right. Such expectation does not affect your conviction on
each other but also rots the marriage. For making the conjugal relationship
healthy, do not make the not viable expectation from your partner. Just be
practical and have flexibility in your expectations.

2.Criticism and arguments

arguments and disagreement may lead to sow the seed of misunderstanding. Man
does not like the Woman, who opposes his actions and argues with him.
Similarly, woman starts disliking the man, who criticizes her on minor things. Mutual
understanding is very important to make the marriage successful. For saving the
marriage, you just need to leave the habit of criticism. Mostly women have the
habit of arguing on same thing repeatedly, which exhausts the husband and
brings the gap between them. If you disagree on any of his opinion, then just
discuss your opinion once. Do not make the disagreement an issue that can remove
the essence of love from your marriage.

3.Unemployment and Financial Problems

Parents always select the boy rishta, which has well settle financial status. The online matrimonial website helps the parents in finding the financially secured online rishta in Pakistan. However, life cannot go on smooth path. The financial issues are one of the obstacles in the path of everyone’s life. At that time of intricacy, women need to provide moral support the husband so he can perk up his efforts for giving better life style. In family court of Pakistan, common reason of divorce found is constant unemployment of husband and his inability to manage the financial expenses of his family. It is the duty of husband to meet the financial need of his wife and children. If he could not do so then wife can file the suit for her alimony money.

4.Age difference:

typical Pakistani families, parents marry off their daughter with elderly man
by considering his well-settled financial status. They do not consider that
there may be mentality difference. Similarly, elderly men also demand for young
aged girl rishta for marriage. They believe that young girls can easily be mold
according to their family and culture. However, these approaches may sometime
lead to marriage failure. The larger age difference between girl and boy may
also follow the mindset difference. Sometimes, it becomes the dominant cause of
dissolution of marriage. 

5.Joint Family System

Nowadays, mostly parents seek the rishta for girls from nuclear families. They believe that the huge joint family comes with bigger responsibilities, so they put this attribute as a requirement for online shaadi in Pakistan. Many girls, who live in joint family system, complain about the injustice of her in-laws. For instance, the violence, biased behavior, the never-ending household chores, privacy issues, etc. These regular injustice and fights with in-laws exhaust the girl. Therefore, she sometimes starts demanding the separate home for leading her nuclear family in a better way. If husband resists giving this right to her, then these domestic fights become the reason of marriage failure. It is commonly seen that woman demands the khulah divorce from her husband due to her in-laws abuses.

6.Religious Conflicts

In Muslim families, the clan system is commonly found. Some parents allow the children to marry within same caste or some parents put the restrictions on clans. Each clan, such as wahabi, suni, shia, bralvi, etc. follows the different believes that may clash with each other. It is seen that the husband and wife from different clans have the occasional conflicts on religious ground. If it gets worst then it will lead to divorce. Therefore, online marriage bureau is providing the platform to find the girl rishta and boy rishta in your caste and clan for preventing such divergence.

7.Impotent Man or Infertile Woman

Pakistan, Islamic marriage is done for leading the progeny. Parents also put
pressure on couple to start the family by bringing child into this world. If
one of the partners is unable to reproduce then it will make their life empty
from one place. Parents of man force him to do second marriage after giving
divorce to first wife. It is most commonly found reason of divorce and a
dilemma of our conformed society. In our conservative society, man also gives
divorce to her wife for not giving birth to boy. However, if man is impotent,
then woman sometimes compromises to be childless.


marital affairs become the universal reason of divorce. Whether woman betrays
the husband or man cheats wife, dissolution of marriage comes up in destiny. The
loyalty and honesty with your life partner are important for successful
marriage. No one can sustain any relation by being unfaithful. Both the mates
should put their 100% truthfulness in marriage. In Pakistani families, men are
commonly found guilty by having extra marital affairs. They also found guilty
by having hidden marriage, which punishable under the Muslim Family Law
Ordinance 1961.

9.Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is the saddest dilemma of our male dominant society. According to the research, 40 % women bear the physical violence by their husband and in-laws. Conventionally, women bear all such domestic abuses to save their marriage. However, awareness regarding her rights and education propel them to speak and confront such problems. Pakistani laws have the right to complain against husbands for mistreatment. Now women do not bear any kind of maltreatment. Every woman knows that she has the right to divorce and right to take action on violence. Mostly Khulah divorces are filed due to domestic violence in Pakistan. For preventing such situations, parents should properly investigate the selected marriage proposal for girls in Pakistan. Whether you get perfect boy rishta from service of online shaadi in Pakistan or from typical rishta aunty, inspect about the family and boy before proceeding for Pakistani shaadi.

10.Education Differences

Mostly men feel insecure from wife, who is highly qualified. This complex of man may damage the conjugal relationship. Husband thinks that her well-educated wife is showing herself superior. These multiple misunderstandings lead to major conflict that ends on dissolution of marriage. Therefore, mostly people prefer to search the rishta according to qualification. The profession-oriented women always show preference for the boy rishta from same profession. For instance, Doctor Girl prefers the doctor boy rishta, lawyer girl prefers lawyer boy rishta, etc. Online matrimonial website in Pakistan is helping in finding the rishta according to education for preventing such marital issues. You just need to make your profile by getting the free registration. The economical packages will help you to have the better facility of fast online matchmaking in Pakistan

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