Things You Shouldn’t Be Scared Of Before Getting Married in Pakistan

Things You Shouldn’t Be Scared Of Before Getting Married in Pakistan

Anxiety before getting married comes with various fears regarding new relationship. In Pakistan, girls and boys become more curious about marriage when they find their perfect life partner, either from the service of online shaadi in Pakistan or within family. They start planning about their future with their soulmate but in chorus, they also find the bundle of fears in their mind. These fears affect the bride and groom mentally, physically, and emotionally, so they have to be overcome before marriage. If you are also going to marry in coming days or months then you are definitely familiar with anxiety of getting married. We have enlisted here some commonly found fears, which should be overcomes for happy married life ahead. Our simple tips and tricks will helps you to release the pressure of getting married with someone who may find from the service of online rishta in Pakistan.

1.Do not afraid to be committed

The common phobia found in man before getting married is gamophobia. Many people always pursuit for the better life partner so they show uncertainty for picking an online girl rishta for marriage. They have the thoughts of not complying with the long-term commitments, as they considered themselves vulnerable. If you also have such phobia then just give yourself enough time. Sit with yourself and start analyzing the things you want. When you have selected someone as your life partner then stop searching the better option. The simple trick of controlling this fear of commitment is stop expecting the unrealistic things. This will help you to keep meeting your commitments and make the ending “live happily ever after”.

2.Do not afraid about what others think

Our society has developed various pressures regarding marriage. They put the burden of norms on girls and boys, such as rishta within caste, rishta from specific class, standard age difference, perfect age of marriage, etc. Do not let them making pressure on you. Decide to marry when you feel that you are ready for marriage. Whether you get married early or late, people keep asking you and saying things behind you. Do not be influenced by their thoughts and sayings because people are always going to judge you as they are doing this job free of cost. Once you have decided and selected your perfect partner, keep your personal life away from such judgmental people. Proceed in your new life with your soulmate and keep your life clean from such people.

3.Do not afraid of changes

In Pakistani marriages, many people have the thinking that only woman needs to evolve according to her husband. However, both the life partners endure changes for making successful marriage. You may have planned your career or future but there is a possibility that it will not happen according to your plans after marriage. You just need to accept the changes and evolve accordingly. For overcoming the fear of changes after marriage, just sit with your life partner and share your plans. He / she will definitely understand you and support you in evolving without altering your life’s goals.

4.Do not afraid of responsibilities

Married life is itself a great responsibility for both man and women. Husbands have to provide shelter, home, food, and basic need of their wives and children, whereas, wives need to nurture their husbands, children, and their house. Many people keep delaying the marriage because they think that they are not ready to take many responsibilities. Once you give commitment to marry then you should overcome the fear. It is not the solution to keep delaying marriage or giving excuses for those delays. You need to spruce up your duties, plan them to perform on time, and meet your commitment. It is just your mind, who can make you feel responsible and compatible for successful marriage.

5.Do not afraid of not being enough

No one is perfect. You do not need to afraid of not being good enough for your life partner. If Almighty Allah has written this rishta in your destiny and you are perfect for him / her. In the process of fixing your online rishta in Pakistan, you do not need to hide your flaws. Just stay the same because honesty should be the base of every new relationship. Online matrimonial website only features the authentic online girl rishta and online boy rishta on the base of genuineness. Be real and boost your self-esteem for happy and satisfied marriage. This positive approach will make your partner feel same for you.

6.Do not afraid of your future in-laws

According to the custom of Pakistani shaadi, every woman has to live in the house of her husband with her in-laws. It is considered as her duty to keep in-laws happy while making new life with her husband. Cruel in-laws and their malicious behavior are also commonly seen in newspapers. These headlines of newspaper develop the scared feeling in brides before getting married. Cold feet before wedding and shivering hands at the time of nikkah are signifying this anxiety of marriage. For coping and defeating this fear, first you need to choose the rishta for marriage from a good family. Always inspect the boy rishta and his family background during online matchmaking in Pakistan. Once you become satisfied with rishta for marriage and his family, you will automatically overcome this fear. Always pray from Allah for the best in your destiny as only he can do the best for you.

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