Teach Young Girls that Marriage is not the Ultimate Goal of Life

Teach Young Girls that Marriage is not the Ultimate Goal of Life

Pakistan, people believe that marriage is an integral part of life. Their belief
relies on the Islamic teachings, which they might interpret wrong. Our Holy
Prophet (P.B.U.H) once said:

جب بندہ نکاح کرتا ہے
تواپنا آدھا دین مکمل کر لیتا ہے اب اسے چاہئے کہ جو باقی ہے اس میں اللہ سے ڈرتا
رہے۔( Al-Tirmidi- Hadith 3096)

People interpreted that marriage is the ultimate goal of life for completing the deen. Therefore, mostly parents teach their children that successful marriage is an achievement. It is the reason why parents start seeking the Pakistani rishta for marriage, when their children hit puberty. Especially, girls have been taught that marriage is compulsory in our society so they have to marry off to another’s home for bringing new family. This thinking propels the parents to find the online rishta in Pakistan for young girls and it becomes the major reason of young child marriage in Pakistan.

Quranic Teachings and

Quran, Allah says:

اور ہم نے تمہیں (فروغِ نسل کے لئے)
جوڑا جوڑا پیدا فرمایا (78:8)

depicts that Allah has created everyone in pairs for brining the generation and
families. There is no compulsion of marriage in Islam. Nikkah brings happiness
and satisfaction in life by keeping the individual away from sins. If you do
not get married or cannot get married then it is not a sin in any scenario. The
main goal of the life is to live it according to Islamic teachings. However, we
can take the marriage as one of the goals of life but we cannot post the
pressure on girl for getting married.

Double Standard for Girls in
Relation to Shaadi:

our conservative society, typical parents put the various restrictions on
girls, such as girl cannot travel or experience things unless she is married,
whereas, parents give full liberty to boys to explore the world or things
irrespective of marital status. The bitter truth of our society is girls have
to compromise their desires. When girl hits the puberty, parents start looking
for the suitable rishta within family or caste and marry off her. Conservative
parents do not take account for girls’ education and their consent for
marriage. Their daughters have been trained to do what their parents want them
to do. It has become the main reason of child marriages in Pakistan and lack of
girl’s education. Govt. of Pakistan has been now implemented the child Marriage
Restraint Act 1929, under which you cannot marry off the girl younger than 16
year old. However, child marriages are still found in backward areas, where
young girls do not know about their rights in society.

cannot force the daughter to marry anyone without her consent. It is her right
to choose her life partner. If the girl refuses to marry then parents have to
respect her decision. It does not count as disobedience of parents. She just
uses her rights of marriage, given by Islam and Pakistani Laws.

Age Factor for Girls Marriage:

For online shaadi in Pakistan, young girl is one of the common demands of seekers at online matchmaking website. Even mature man prefers to marry the young girl for living the healthy married life. Therefore, parents of daughters become conscious and worried for girl’s rishta in Pakistan. However, young age of girl does not come with the guarantee of successful marriage. In Pakistan, the most preferable age for girl’s marriage is in-between 18 to 30. After passing this preferable age, parents start thinking that their daughters may have to compromise on online rishta. This dogma has to be changed because marriage is not a norm for successful life. Parents just need to teach the daughter that she can marry anyone, whenever she thinks herself prepared. They just need to stop teaching them that marriage is their main aim of life.

people, who have typical thinking, may not like the mature girls (single or
divorced) because they believe that they may have any error. Being single or
unmarried for longer time does not make the girl incomplete or faulty in any
way. It is just in our conservative mind that if girl does not get married at
an early age then she may have any error. It is the duty of parents to bring up
the children with the correct philosophies so they can acknowledge everyone for
good approaches.

Always Prefer Education Over

Every individual has the right to choose his or her goal as per the interest. Therefore, parents need to give the right amount of space and time to their daughters too, instead of putting marriage as goal on their mind. Who knows that your girl may become the renowned scientist, successful prime minister, booming entrepreneur, great artist, or competent doctor in future? Allah has already made the pairs of every individual so parents do not need to worry for their marriage on earth. Let the daughters pursue their dreams and make you feel proud on them. You can take the responsibility of girls’ marriage on best Pakistani matrimonial website, which have the objective to find destined life partners.

Online matrimonial site in Pakistan is working to provide the platform for finding online girl rishta and online boy rishta at any age. Hence, parents can take help from professional matchmakers for getting the ideal rishta of boy with an ease. Parents should always prioritize the happiness of their daughter instead of a marriage.

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