Rules for Wife that Must Be Followed for Happy Married Life

Rules for Wife that Must Be Followed for Happy Married Life

Muslim Marriage is considered as the first brick to establish the perfect family according to Islam. Shaadi is the beautiful relationship between two souls, who meant to spend their life with each other. To keep the marriage happy and satisfied, both the mates should follow some rule of marriage. The obvious rules for happy marriage that should follow by wife, are trust, loyalty, respect, obedience, and satisfaction. Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) declared the reward for righteous wife, i.e.:

woman who dies while her husband is pleased with her will enter the
Garden.”  (Ibn Majah& At-Tirmidhi)

are many other hidden rules for wife that must be followed for happy marriage
life. These hidden ingredients of marriage may seem as minor things but they
have the most dominant impact on Islamic marriage in Pakistan. Whether it is
arranged marriage or love marriage, you must adopt following rules.

  1. Meet the Husband’s need: It is the foremost responsibility of wife to satisfy the need of her husband. She should keep all his requirement in mind while coping with other chores of life. All the valid demands of husband should be complied by wife, such as satisfying his sexual desire, making herself pretty for him, etc. Islam also directs the woman to obey her husband order for getting the reward after life.
  2. Make him priority: Husband and children should be the priority of every woman. It is the duty of righteous woman to take care of her man before anything else. Some working women do not give much attention to their husband as they keep their career and job in priority. This behavior slowly ruins the marriage as man may feel himself worthless for his woman. When you get your ideal online boy rishta from the service of online shaadi in Pakistan then do not take it for granted. Give him the priority, which he deserves.
  3. Stop criticizing him: Most of the wives have the common habit of criticizing their husband. Criticism discourages and disheartens the efforts of husband. Even some women criticize their in-laws in front of their husband. this This act propels the husband to be defensive and then a never-ending argument starts. Avoid carping man in any situation for happy marriage life.
  4. Do not try to rule over him: In this era of feminism, over-influenced feminist woman tries to overtake the man in every field of life. However, Islam has given the equal right to man and woman but man is higher in status over woman. It is mentioned in quran:

possess rights similar to those held over them to be honoured with fairness;
but men have a degree above them.” 

Wife should
always keep this teaching in mind and avoid ruling over her husband. This
woman’s ruling behavior sometimes seems disrespectful for man and it directly
affects the marriage.

  • Be his support: Life is combination of ups and downs and life partners are meant to support each other in those bumpy life. Wife needs to be the support system for her husband, as man has to face so many hurdles for giving the best living standard to his wife and children. Whether you are facing financial crisis or your husband is going through emotional break down, always empathize and brace him. These ups and downs can strengthen or ruin the relationship by their mean of action.
  • Do not bring past in any argument: Avoid bringing up the past arguments in today’s urging. If your husband does anything wrong in past and he is guilty for it then forgive him and forget the mistake. If you keep bringing those things up in present then your husband may become offensive and argument catches the heat. When your husband is angry then try to be calm in front of him. Do not counter reply him with harsh taunts and criticism. This behavior can save your marriage life, even from worst turn of life.
  • Give Respect:Always show the respect for your husband, as it increases his affection towards you. Respect gives the path to respect. by giving respect to him or his family, you will definitely take the higher amount of respect from them.
  • Give conjugal right: Conjugal rights are the marital duties of wife, which she needs to be fulfilled. Wife cannot deny to perform her marital duties, which include sexual duties, bringing up his children, taking care his home, etc. If she cannot perform any of these then husband can claim restitution of conjugal right on family courts. Woman should comply with husband’s demand so he becomes happy, satisfied, and contended with her.
  • Appreciate him by giving complement:Woman expects to get the complement from her husband but she never gives complement to him, as an appreciation. Start complementing him and appreciating him for his every good deed. He will definitely like your acknowledging gesture toward him and try to make you happy with him. Those complements add an extra pinch of love and affection in relationship. You can also call it as the key of successful and happy marriage life.
  • Do not lie for hiding the mistake: Woman called it as myth that woman cannot accept her mistake. However, it is true in some scenario. When man try to rule over his woman and scold her in every small mistake then woman starts hiding their mistake from her husband. She considers it the best way to escape husband’s anger. Though, it is not the right way. If you are guilty then accept your mistake and apologize for it. This behavior builds the stronger and firmer trust between both life partner.

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