Latest Pakistani Bridal Dresses Designs 2019

Pakistani wedding dress holds the huge importance in every wedding planning. Every Pakistani bride dreams to look phenomenal in her wedding. After getting perfect rishta for marriage, she starts searching for wedding dresses for wedding day functions, from mehandi to Walima. The frequently searching list is extensive for every Pakistani bride, such as Pakistani bridal dresses color combinations, famous Pakistani bridal dresses designers, location to buy wedding dresses in Pakistan and so on. We absolutely understand the consciousness of bride for her wedding dress. Continue reading “Latest Pakistani Bridal Dresses Designs 2019”

What Kind of Insurance Online Rishta Service Offering in Pakistan

People are unsure about the authenticity of online matrimonial website in Pakistan, as they relate them with the online dating websites also available. First, visitors have to admit it that online rishta website is different from online dating website. The main factor, which distinguish online shaadi website from online dating website is insurance and security of profile. Traditionally, parents rely on rishta aunty of baradari for finding rishta in same caste with better compatibility. However, rishta aunty matchmaking service has been outdated. Now, anyone from anywhere can get perfect rishta for girls and rishta for boys via the facility of online rishta service in Pakistan. Continue reading “What Kind of Insurance Online Rishta Service Offering in Pakistan”

What And Why Medical Test Should Be Done Before Cousin Marriage?

Cousin marriages are frequently done in Pakistan, as many Pakistani families belief that marriage within the family can restore their progeny. This stereotype concept is now changing after looking various cases of genetic inheritance disorders. Science has proved that the consanguineous marriages or first cousin marriages trigger the genetic mutation and result in genetic disorders in next progeny. Continue reading “What And Why Medical Test Should Be Done Before Cousin Marriage?”

Is it easy to Get Rishta Online in Pakistan?

Shaadi is an imperative decision of anyone’s life, as it brings you a compatible partner for life. Everyone dreams about their ideal and perfect life partner, with whom one can overtake all the hurdles of life. In Pakistan, most people rely on rishta aunty for finding the compatible rishta in specific caste or city. However, this traditional matchmaking process becomes outdated. Now you do not need to involve any annoying rishta aunty to get Rishta in Pakistan Continue reading “Is it easy to Get Rishta Online in Pakistan?”

What To Make Sure Before Getting Marry In An Unknown Family Or Caste?

Most of the people assumed that Inter-caste marriages are futile on long term, as there are many differences of customs, traditions, and lifestyle. However, I encourage the inter-caste marriage system in Pakistan, due to numerous benefits of marrying off outside the family or caste. For instance, least chances of hereditary diseases to appear, diverse traits and features of offspring, healthy relation between two different families, and better social interaction Continue reading “What To Make Sure Before Getting Marry In An Unknown Family Or Caste?”

Is It Safe To find Rishta Online in Pakistan?

Shaadi is considered as the most important event of anyone’s life, as both partners have to carry the marriage and support each other in all ups and down of life. In Pakistan, you definitely see the involvement of an aunty, Rishta aunty, who searches the rishta within the baradari or caste and works as the communication messenger between both families. This procedure is now placing by the online matrimonial website. The online marriage bureau is working to provide the database of rishtey in various castes and baradari, reside in Pakistan. When the online rishta service in Pakistan is introduced, most of the people question about the authenticity and reliability of online girls rishta and boys rishta for marriage. Here you will get all Continue reading “Is It Safe To find Rishta Online in Pakistan?”

Marriages in caste system – Pakistani Marriage Culture

In Pakistan, there is a long debate occurring for arrange marriage Vs love marriage. As a developing country, Pakistan is facing numerous financial, economical and social challenges but inter caste marriage becomes one of the dominant social issues. Majority of castes is following the typical caste system of Pakistan, in which they can marry off their daughter or sister within the same caste. According to those extremists of caste system, they do not want to lose the purity of their caste. Well, it is the 21st century, in which revolution and modernization is coming. Therefore, the generation of this era does not accept these myths and notions. Although, exceptions always exist. If you are reading this blog then surely you are looking for some information regarding Pakistani marriage culture. So here we go! Continue reading “Marriages in caste system – Pakistani Marriage Culture”

Girls’ Marriages in Islamic way

Marriage or shaadi is the blessed relation between a man and woman, which allow two soulmates to share the physical and spiritual journey of life. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) has said,

“When a man has married, he has completed one half of his religion”

Marriage is the long-term relation so it should be taken with better consideration. The complete religion Islam has guided the seekers of Muslim girls and boys rishta in finding the perfect and suitable companion for life. When a blessing, a girl,

Continue reading “Girls’ Marriages in Islamic way”

Boys’ Marriages in an Islamic Way

Allah has made everyone in pairs, who are destined to spend whole journey of life. Almighty Allah has mentioned about destined soulmates in Sureh Ar-Rum:

Marriage is one of the most beautiful sunnah of Muhammad (S.A.W), as it completes half of man’s deen. He (S.A.W) has said,

“When a man has married, he has completed one half of his religion”

Continue reading “Boys’ Marriages in an Islamic Way”