Which Signs Show That Your Wife Is Deeply In Love With You?

Women are the most mysterious creature, as they can keep their feelings secret for life. In arrange marriages via online shaadi in Pakistan, most of the wives do not openly show their feelings with their husbands. Woman feels shy to reveal that how much she starts liking and loving her life partner. She can only show her feeling in terms of her behavior and act, such as she obeys you, she takes care of you, she makes your priority, etc. If you also have the wife who is secretive about her feelings, then start noticing the changes. Continue reading “Which Signs Show That Your Wife Is Deeply In Love With You?”

10 Ways to Make your Wife Respect You More

In Islamic marriage, both the partners want to get love and respect from each other. However, love is depending on respect you gain. Man only feels affection for woman, who gives him respect. Therefore, the prime tip to keep your Pakistani marriage strong is earning the respect from your wife. According to the Islamic teachings, husbands are considered as the Majazi Khuda(مجازی خدا)  so it becomes obligatory for women to respect her husband and obey him. However, the overruling and overriding nature of man may sometimes result in losing respect from wife’s heart. Continue reading “10 Ways to Make your Wife Respect You More”

10 Best Compliments That Will Melt Your Wife’s Heart

Romantic phrases and compliments can add an extra pinch of love in the beautiful relationship between couple. The tender expressions and romantic phrases wipe out all the negativities from marriage. Islam also directs husbands to show kindness to their wives. Our Holy Prophet once said:

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10 Mistakes Men Commonly Makes In Marriage

Couple should remember the main aim of the shaadi, i.e. happiness and satisfaction. The traditional man thinks that woman is responsible to keep the marriage by compromising with her in-laws and husband. This thinking has been grown within Pakistani society, so most people seek the online rishta in Pakistan with such perspective. However, these men’s viewpoints can ruin the entire marriage, gradually. Continue reading “10 Mistakes Men Commonly Makes In Marriage”

Who is responsible to pay Alimony نان و نفقہ to Divorced woman under Muslim Family Law?

Pakistani laws of maintenance to wife and children are made to provide protection to woman and children. In Islam, both the parents are responsible to give the best nourishment and teachings to their children. Man is bond to meet financial requirement of the family while providing protection and safety, whereas, woman is bond to nurture his kids and home with love. However, if marriage ends, then common question raised regarding maintenance to woman. Here we are discussing the minor and major questions regarding Alimony money or maintenance money to divorce women under Muslim Family Law 1961.

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Rules for Husband that Must Be Followed for Happy Married Life

Muslim Marriage is characterizing love, care, respect, nobility, comfort, and protection. These attributes of shaadi are making it the fundamental thing for men and women. Both the mates acquire some responsibilities and duties on each other. The fundamental duties of Husband are providing maintenance, shelter, food, and necessities of life to his wife. Islam has also directed men to be kind and generous with their wives. Our Muhammad (S.A.W) once said:

“The best of you is the one who treats his family best, and I am the best of you towards my family.”  (Ibn Hibban)

After giving basic marital rights of wife, husband also needs to follow some hidden rules for happy married life. Continue reading “Rules for Husband that Must Be Followed for Happy Married Life”

Rules for Wife that Must Be Followed for Happy Married Life

Muslim Marriage is considered as the first brick to establish the perfect family according to Islam. Shaadi is the beautiful relationship between two souls, who meant to spend their life with each other. To keep the marriage happy and satisfied, both the mates should follow some rule of marriage. The obvious rules for happy marriage that should follow by wife, are trust, loyalty, respect, obedience, and satisfaction. Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) declared the reward for righteous wife, i.e.:

“Any woman who dies while her husband is pleased with her will enter the Garden.”  (Ibn Majah& At-Tirmidhi)

There are many other hidden rules for wife that must be followed for happy marriage life. These hidden ingredients of marriage may seem as minor things but they have the most dominant impact on Islamic marriage in Pakistan. Continue reading “Rules for Wife that Must Be Followed for Happy Married Life”

Legal way to Recover the Dowry under Pakistani Law

Parents want to give every stable thing in dowry to their daughter, so they prepare the dowry with all of their will. They do not expect that their daughter’s marriage can break under any severe circumstances and they have to roam for dowry recovery. Some people think that it is right of man to take the dowry from his parents in law, as he is going to take the responsibility of their daughter. However, common saying about such people is:

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Iddat under Muslim Family Law

Iddat or iddah is the period of celibacy, in which woman refrains herself from sexual relation after dissolution of marriage or after the death of her husband. Iddat is actually an Islamic custom, which every widow or divorced woman needs to comply according to the instructions. In sureh Baqarah, you will find the instruction of iddat.

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Validity of Divorce via Video call

Nikkah is the beautiful relationship between two people and it is supposed to last until death. People find their perfect soulmate from online shaadi service in Pakistan and want to live whole life with that ultimate life partner. However, divorce ratio has been increased in last few decades. The common reason behind such vigorous increase in divorce ratio in Pakistan is lack of equality, communication gap, misunderstandings, constant arguing and conflicts, unlikeness, cheating, extramarital affairs, money, etc. According to the civil law of Pakistan, court can grant divorce on three reasons, i.e.

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