Marriages in caste system – Pakistani Marriage Culture

Marriages in caste system

In Pakistan, there is a long debate occurring for arrange marriage Vs love marriage. As a developing country, Pakistan is facing numerous financial, economical and social challenges but inter caste marriage becomes one of the dominant social issues. Majority of castes is following the typical caste system of Pakistan, in which they can marry off their daughter or sister within the same caste. According to those extremists of caste system, they do not want to lose the purity of their caste. Well, it is the 21st century, in which revolution and modernization is coming. Therefore, the generation of this era does not accept these myths and notions. Although, exceptions always exist. If you are reading this blog then surely you are looking for some information regarding Pakistani marriage culture. So here we go!

Caste system influencing Pakistani marriage culture:

Pakistan has broad caste system, in which numerous castes, sub caste, clans, tribes, and ethnic groups are included. The dominant castes reside in Pakistan are Arain, Malik, Mian, Chaudhary, Sheikh, Kashmiri, Khan, Pakhtun, Pathan, Jutt, Butt, Syed, Rizvi, Kazmi, Yousafai, and more. The ethnic groups are shia, sunni, barelvi, Deobandi etc. Biradari becomes the unifying place for different families so these families have better trust relation within the Biradari. This trust factor becomes one of the major reasons of marrying within a caste or baradari.

Traditionally, Rishta aunty was only the matchmaker of any Biradari. She searched the various marriage proposal in one’s caste and paired the suitable and compatible match with both families consents, This process of matchmaking is still going on rural areas but urbanized people have adopted the online matchmaking technology. Nowadays, the online marriage bureaus in Pakistan is online matrimonial facility all over the country. They actually provide the platform for the seekers of either girl rishta in Pakistan or boy rishta in Pakistan. As caste system is dominant in Pakistan, therefore online matchmaking website allows the seeker to find rishta in Pakistan from any caste or city.

Benefits of marriage within caste:

Caste system have many drawbacks but nevertheless they provide various benefits to the couple and their families. Marriage is not only the association between two persons; marriage becomes the connection between two families. Briefly, I have mentioned few advantages of marriage within the caste or baradari:

  • Marriage within a caste strengthens the bond and relation between two families of same caste.
  • If any mishap or difficulty occurs, the baradari or elders of castes or family would unite and solve the issue with mutual understanding.
  • The families support and brace the couple in nourishing the marriage life.
  • Families do not need to satisfy other relatives and friend regarding the marriage proposal.
  • Bride family does not have any worry about ego massaging or dowry expectations because both the families already have the better understanding.


Rishta From Same Caste Resulting in Arranged Marriages:


Pakistani families are considered that arranged marriages are the most respectful relationship, as they contain consent and happiness of families and parents. When the parents start seeking the proposal for their son or daughter, they start it from their own caste and baradari. Parents have the notion that only their own caste has the authentic rishtey for girls and boys. They believe that their daughter will be secured and happy within a family or their son’s home will better nurture with girl from same caste or biradari. Although this idea is gradually shifting to inter-caste marriage but still it is existing and trending demands on matrimonial websites of Pakistan.

Issues in Arranged Marriages Within A Caste:

Whether you had the arranged marriage within caste or out of caste, you are definitely facing some issues in society and in marital life. We have discussed some of these problems of arranged marriages.

  • Cousin marriage issue: cousin marriages are now not encouraging by the science because it results in too many hereditary defects in kids from those marriages. Actually, resembling genetic code presents in both the mates, in which several recessive alleles of hereditary diseases may also available. Therefore, there are the higher chances to combine all the recessive alleles that may get dominant in baby. There are many hereditary diseases and defects, results from cousin marriage. For instance, diabetes, pulmonary defects, heart defect, abnormal growth of body part, nervous syndromes, and many more. Parents should keep this fact in their account while fixing or arranging the marriage within the family.
  • Social issue in arranged marriages: both the life partner has least understanding at the start. Therefore, the couple of arranged marriage may have higher ratios of disagreements, disputes and argues. Each of the partners has to know about other one first and should try to adjust accordingly. The expectation to adjust and compromise is always supposed from the female so male may not move a step in this initial period of marriage. This rigidness might become the reason of bitterness in the beautiful relationship of marriage.
  • Parents expectations: When parents arrange the marriage of their son or daughter with the suitable rishta from same caste, they do expect a lot. Parents think the person, they have chosen, is just the Mr. Right or Miss Perfect but it is the myth. No one is perfect. Marriage always need compromises, adjustment, and cooperation. Therefore, parents change their view about that new member of their family and thought he/she is overruling. This image creates the differences in relationships of both families and the members.

What to look in girl rishta or boy rishta from same caste?

Parents or seekers of zaroorat e rishta in Pakistan have different criteria, such as caste, city, profession, religion, height, physique, and more. However, caste of boy or girl is the dominant criteria. Most of the families prefer to search rishta within a caste. Therefore, they search the online ristey for girls and boys by caste. For instance, Arain Rishta, Malik Rishta, Jutt Rishta, Syed Rishta, Butt Rishta, Sheikh Rishta, Mughal Rishta, Rajpoot Rishta, Khan Rishta and more. We have mentioned below the brief points that should be looked in any marriage proposal.

  • Ask and verify the qualification of candidate because it becomes the influencing criteria in any rishta for girl.
  • In case of rishta for boys, observe the nature, lifestyle, behavior and personality of girl by frequently talking and doing conversation with her and her family.
  • Parents should investigate the marriage proposal details by crosschecking the information to colleagues, worker, or neighbor of candidate.
  • Parents should ask the lineage of the family for confirming the status.
  • Parents or candidate should ask about the future career planning, habit, lifestyle, hobby, friends circle and job nature.
  • For least chance of any conflict, parents mostly prefer to choose the rishta from same ethnic group such as shia, sunni, Deobandi, barelvi etc.

Islam and Marriage within caste:

Islam is the complete deen, which gives the ultimate education about every aspect of life. Marriage has the most important status in Islam, as marriage completes the religion of man and woman. Islam allows the Muslims to marry within family but there is no caste system in Islam.

According to a verse in Quran

“O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other (not that you may despise each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) most righteous of you.” (Surah al-Hujurat, 13)

This verse verifies that all the human recognizes in nations and tribes but it is better to take morality as the ultimate criteria. Therefore, find the perfect soulmate on the scale of his or her righteousness instead of caste. According to the narration of Narrated Abu Huraira, our beloved Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) has said once:

“A woman is married for four things, i.e., wealth, lineage (family status), beauty and religion. So, you should marry the religious woman (otherwise) you will be a losers. Sahih Al-Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Hadith 27.

There is no evidence that any Muslim should seek the girl rishta or boy rishta in caste or out of caste. Islam is the ultimate religion through which you can get the guidelines for living your entire life according to Almighty Allah Orders and Muhammad (S.A.W) teachings.

Where to find rishta in Pakistan – within one’s caste?

Whether you are looking for online girl rishta in Pakistan or boy rishta Pakistan, you can use the e-simple matrimonial website. The online marriage bureau advertises your marriage proposal while giving you largest portal for finding your perfect soulmate from any caste. The overseas rishtey and rishtey from Pakistan are enlisted with the authenticity and featured mark. All the proposals are checked first through verification procedure then they proceed to upload on website for online rishta searching. The personal matchmakers are also available through online rishta service in Pakistan. These matchmakers help the seekers in finding the suitable and compatible soulmate. All the rishta matchmaking process can be done with the consent of both the families of candidates. So, do your registration now for free and start searching your perfect spouse, who is written and destined by the Almighty Allah. Contact with good intention and get the perfect life partner.

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