How to Take Wife Back After Divorce under Islamic Laws

How to Take Wife Back After Divorce under Islamic Laws

Pakistani Shaadi is considered as the everlasting association of two life partners, who are intended to share their life with each other. However, not every marriage lasts forever. The misunderstandings and temperament differences may result in dissolution of the beautiful relationship. Whether it the perfect online Shaadi in Pakistan or typical cousin marriage, both the partners need to understand each other. Otherwise, it becomes hard to sustain the marriage. In most of the cases of Divorce in Pakistan, anger and loss of temper lead to divorce. In these cases, couple mostly regret later for their decision of divorce. To prevent this regret, Islam has made divorce difficult for Muslim couples. According to the Islamic laws, husband can take his wife back after revocable divorce. Here you will find the correct procedure of revoking the divorce, under Islamic teachings and Muslim Family laws. Follow the article to clear your concept regarding taking wife back after divorce.

Revoking the Divorce

Divorce is categorized in three types, returnable
divorce, minor divorce, and major divorce. To revoke the divorce, you first
need to find the category of your divorce.

1.Returnable Divorce:

man divorces the wife once and she has not completed the iddat, then husband
can revoke the divorce. He just needs to say that I am taking my wife back or
he has to do the intercourse with the intention to take her back in marriage.
According to our Islamic teachings, there should be at least two witnesses, who
witness the sayings “I am taking you back”. In Sureh Talaaq, it is mentioned:

جب وہ اپنی میعاد تک پہنچنے کو ہوں تو انہیں بھلائی کے ساتھ روک لو یا جدا کر دو
اور اپنے میں دوثقہ کو گواہ کر لواور اللہ کے لئے گواہی قائم کرو، اس سے نصیحت
فرمائی جاتی ہےاسے جواللہ اور پچھلے دن پر ایمان رکھتا ہو، اور جو اللہ سے ڈرےاللہ
اس کے لئے نجات کی راہ نکال دے گا۔ (سورۃ طلاق 65:2)

you have filed the suit for dissolution of marriage under Muslim family
ordinance 1961, court has ordered the same. Court makes the reconciliation
arbitrary council for couple. Therefore, the couple settles the dispute before
finalizing the divorce. In returnable divorce cases, legislative procedures are
not important to perform. However, legal procedure becomes mandatory after
giving two divorces.

2.Irrevocable Divorce

woman completes the iddat period after taking first or second divorce, then it
is considered as irrevocable divorce. Husband cannot take her wife back without
the legal procedure. In such cases, husband needs to resend the marriage
proposal to his wife and renews their legal marriage contract. According to
Islamic teaching, it becomes compulsory for him to pay mahr again for
completing the marriage contract. Everything will be done in the presence of
two witnesses. Most of the people encounter this situation because of their
loss temper issue. For keeping your wife back into your nikkah, consult the
best divorce lawyer for revoking the divorce. If you do not want to revoke the
divorce then just follow the legal procedure. On violation, person becomes
punishable under Muslim family ordinance 1961. He will be punished by
imprisonment of up to one year or fine of up to 5000 or both.

3.Nikah Halala

Once husband pronounces Talaaq three times, then wife becomes haram on him. Husband cannot take her wife back in any mean. Islamic teachings directed that woman has to be in iddat, i.e. three consecutive menstruation cycles. Once the iddat ends, woman can remarry again by finding the suitable online rishta in Pakistan. Still, she cannot remarry the same husband again. If she is pregnant at the time of divorce then her iddat will prolong till the child delivery. The best online matrimonial website is providing the ultimate platform for finding online rishta for second marriage.

husband can take his first wife back after halala nikkah. In Sureh Baqarah, the
conditions for halala nikkah are mentioned, i.e.

اگر تیسری طلاق اسے دی تواب وہ عورت اسے حلال نہیں ہوگی جب تک دوسرے خاوند کے پاس
نہ رہے۔ پھر وہ دوسرا اگر اسے طلاق دے دےتو ان دونوں پر گناہ نہیں کہ پھر آپس میں
مل جائیں۔ اگر سمجھتے ہو کہ اللہ کی حدیں نباہیں گے اور یہ اللہ کی حدیں ہیں جنہیں
بیان کرتا ہے دانش مندوں کے لئے۔  (البقرۃ –

If woman gets the divorce from second husband or he
expires, then it will be acceptable to remarry with first husband. However, if
woman plans the second marriage for halala nikah then it will not be accepted. Such
plotting for halala nikkah is sinful in Islam. It is also important to have the
legislative documents of both the nikaah for making halala nikah legally valid.

Dissolution of Marriage does not end your future or life. If the ideal marriage ends due to any unfortunate event, then just use your rights given in muslim family laws of Pakistan. You have the right to remarry again for keeping the pace of life. The Pakistani online matchmaking website helps you in this regard. They are providing the portal for searching best online girl rishta, online boy rishta, rishta for divorced woman or men, rishta for second marriage, etc. You just need to make your rishta profile by getting the free registration. For fast matchmaking service, you need to buy any suitable package. The competent matchmakers will help you in finding the Mr. Right or Miss perfect again from the service of online shaadi in Pakistan. If you cannot revoke the divorce then marry again with the better life partner.

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