Girls’ Marriages in Islamic way

Marriage or shaadi is the blessed relation between a man and woman, which allow two soulmates to share the physical and spiritual journey of life. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) has said,

“When a man has married, he has completed one half of his religion”

Marriage is the long-term relation so it should be taken with better consideration. The complete religion Islam has guided the seekers of Muslim girls and boys rishta in finding the perfect and suitable companion for life. When a blessing, a girl,

comes in any family, parents start planning about her marriage. Parents want to make sure that her daughter will stay happy with her perfect spouse ever after her marriage. The online shaadi service in Pakistan will help the parents to seek the ideal and suitable match of their daughter. This blog will help the parents and girls in identifying the correct way of arranging girls’ marriage in Islam.

Parents’ Responsibility for Arranging Girl’s Marriages in an Islamic Way:

There is the delusion in Pakistan about Islamic marriages that future life partners are not allowed to see each other or know each other before marriage. Parents have taken that right to make the match of their children without letting the children know about the rishta, but it is not correct. Islam has given the liberty of selection to girls and boys. A verse in Sureh Baqarah has described the right of woman in selecting her life partner.

The Pakistani online marriage bureau is encouraging this concept of freedom of selection, which has been provided by Almighty Allah. This verse clears the concept that no one can force the woman to marry someone or restrict her to marry someone. If parents are seeking the suitable marriage proposal so they should discuss with their daughter before fixing and arrange her marriage. If girl has the interest in someone and she wants to marry him then she has the right to do so. Parents have to support her in this important decision of her life.

According to At-Tirmithi and Ibn Maajah referenced hadith, Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) has said:

Therefore, parents should seek the man with Islamic belief and goodness, for marrying their daughter. Islam also gives the decisive factors for finding the suitability of any proposal and matchmaking the perfect couple.

Criteria to select the husband In Islamic Way:

Islam has clearly defined the women’s criteria and men’s criteria in choosing the life partner. In Sureh An-Nur, Almighty Allah has mentioned the destined soulmates:

This holy verse has shown that good women are written for good men and bad women are for bad men. Therefore, no one has to worry about his or her marriage destiny. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) gives the ultimate criteria to select the perfect spouse by the woman. According to Bukhari referenced hadith, Holy Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) said,

The seeker must have to check the compatibility as per this hadith. The woman should view the social status, religiousness, beauty, character, family background and capabilities of man, before selecting anyone for marriage. These are the vital factors, which promote the better harmony of two soulmates to spend whole life together. The online matrimony in Pakistan has given the platform to find the companion as per Islamic criteria from the vast database of online girls and boys Rishta in Pakistan. The matrimonial searching portal has assisted the seeker in finding and identifying the essential details of candidate.

Equity in Islamic Marriages:

Islam has given the equal rights to man and woman for promoting equity so it is not allowed to restrain girls from choosing their life partners. Some parents and families get restricted about some girls’ rishta from only few tribes and caste but Islam does not have any caste system. Almighty Allah likes the decent and virtuous person so we also have to choose in this manner, especially in matchmaking or finding spouse.

Islamic Marriages of Girls via Online Shaadi service in Pakistan

Shaadi is not something in which you throw yourself or anyone gets you in by force. The candidate consent and the parents’ consent are important in arranging marriage. The candidate is recommended to involve any respected and trustworthy person, such as parents, relative or imam etc., in choosing the right life partner. The online marriage bureau omits the need of rishta aunty and helps the seeker to find the suitable Muslim girls marriage proposals in Pakistan. There is the enormous database of authentic girls’ rishtay, from where anyone can browse and get the suitable spouse.

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