Dowry Culture in Pakistan

In Pakistan, parents start preparing the dowry when their daughter reaches the age of marriage. In our society, the dowry culture makes the daughter as burden for parents. In Pakistan, parents do not only have the responsibility to find the suitable girl rishta or boy rishta for their children but they also have to prepare the Jaheiz or dowry for their daughters. Dowry becomes the curse for women, as many mishaps occur due to dowry, such as engagement gets broken, in-laws burn the bride, husband does domestic violence, etc. Dowry culture should be stopped to make lives happier and burden free.

Dowry culture and Pakistani

Parents have the responsibility to marry off their daughter in high profile families. They prefer to search the rishta for girl within a baradari, as they assume them safe and trustworthy. The Pakistani marriage bureaus or Pakistani matrimonial sites are also helping the parents in finding rishta within same caste. They can directly search Arain rishta, butt rishta, jutt rishta, Sheikh rishta, rajput rishta, mughal rishta, syed rishta, khan rishta, gujjar rishta, qureshi rishta, etc. Parents are mentally prepared for making the dowry for their daughter shaadi so they are simultaneously preparing jaheiz while searching the boy’s rishta in Pakistan. When the rishta has been fixed, the groom family brings the list of dowry items to bride family. The parents of bride have to buy and send those items, as a dowry, to groom.

education and awareness regarding dowry system has been diminished. Now,
groom’s family does not demand much, or demand anything in dowry. Even they
refuse to take any expensive or heavy dowry. However, some bride’s families
take dowry culture by considering it the best way to raise their social and
financial status. They present the heavy dowry to their daughter, even if there
is no need. Bride, herself, also makes a list of item, which she wants from her
parents in dowry. This practice of dowry should be stopped or be limited as dowry
burdens the parents for marrying off their daughter.

Dowry System Burdens Bride’s

Dowry culture becomes the source of stress among the parents of girls. Parents have the responsibility to marry off their daughter in suitable family. They mostly prefer to pick the one, who does not have the greed of dowry so their daughter can live married life happily without any stress. It does not matter that how much money you spend on dowry, the greedy people do not satisfy with any size of jaheiz. Therefore, parents prefer the rishta within family or caste, as they consider them safe regarding dowry consequences. The service of online shaadi in Pakistan is allowing the parent to get the online rishta in Pakistan by caste. The online rishta service in Pakistan is condemning the dowry system and helping the parents in easily finding the online girl rishta and online boy rishta.

Dowry culture and Islam:

In Islam, it is the responsibility of groom to pay the dowry to bride. Actually, Islam considers dowry as mahr. There is no such concept that parents must need to give the dowry as jaheiz to their daughter. The concept of jaheiz actually came from Indian culture. Daughters in India do not have the right in parents’ property so parents give the dowry as the compensation. This culture is not based on Islamic values and teaching. Therefore, many families become awared regarding dowry curse so they are now prohibiting the dowry. Pakistani matrimonial site is also encouraged to restrict such nuisance of dowry. The service of online shaadi in Pakistan is allowing the seekers to get the well-educated boys rishta and girls’ rishta from high profile families. Always marry off the daughter in educated family, who does not have any greed of dowry. The portal for online rishta in Pakistan is allowing everyone to find the rishta in Lahore, rishta in Multan, rishta in Islamabad, rishta in Karachi, Rishta in Sargodha, Rishta in Faisalabad, rishta in Gujrat, Rishta in Hyderabad, etc.

Dowry system and Pakistani

In Pakistan, almost 95 % of families are following the dowry custom, which is now diminishing with awareness and education. After encountering various incidents due to dowry curse, govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has taken the action. They have made the anti-dowry law, The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dowry,Bridal Gift and Marriage Functions Restriction Bill,2017, in which they limit the bride’s parents from given excessive dowry.  Parents are just allowed to give the dowry of cost up to 30,000/-, which only contain bride’s essential things. The gifts for bride should not cross the cost of 50,000/-. Other provinces should also take action regarding restricting or banning the dowry custom. When we are discussing the prohibiting the dowry, we should also look on the matter of excessive mehr amount. Government should also limit the amount of mahr, as per the standard set by the Islamic teaching. The unnecessarily excessive amount of mahr also burdens the groom and groom’s family. The main aim of Anti-dowry law in Pakistan is to make Pakistani shaadi economical and easy for parents. Therefore, lawmakers should view this matter from every perspective before making or amending the Pakistan’s dowry and marriage gift (restriction) bill.

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