Teach Young Girls that Marriage is not the Ultimate Goal of Life

In Pakistan, people believe that marriage is an integral part of life. Their belief relies on the Islamic teachings, which they might interpret wrong. Our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) once said:

جب بندہ نکاح کرتا ہے تواپنا آدھا دین مکمل کر لیتا ہے اب اسے چاہئے کہ جو باقی ہے اس میں اللہ سے ڈرتا رہے۔( Al-Tirmidi- Hadith 3096)

People interpreted that marriage is the ultimate goal of life for completing the deen. Therefore, mostly parents teach their children that successful marriage is an achievement. It is the reason why parents start seeking the Pakistani rishta for marriage, when their children hit puberty. Especially, girls have been taught that marriage is compulsory in our society so they have to marry off to another’s home for bringing new family. This thinking propels the parents to find the online rishta in Pakistan for young girls and it becomes the major reason of young child marriage in Pakistan.

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Why You Should Raise Voice against Domestic Violence in Pakistan

It is saddest reality of our patriarchal society that one out of three women is suffering the domestic violence by in-laws and husband. Conformist parents mostly teach their daughter that she has to bear everything for making her marriage successful. Those parents mostly fix the girl rishta for marriage by just seeing the boy’s financial status. In those abusive marriages, woman starts transforming her life for avoiding physical and mental abuse. However, every minor mistake leads to evil practices. Nevertheless, various awareness campaigns are now giving consciousness to woman for her rights. Woman has the right to stand against any type of violence. If man does any mental or physical abuse then woman can take action by using Pakistani Laws. Mostly women think that they cannot get the online rishta in Pakistan after getting divorce. However, online matrimonial website can help you in finding the suitable online rishta for second marriage.

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10 Interesting Facts about Engagement Rings

In Pakistan, Islamic shaadi is consisted of various rituals such as engagement, date fixing, mehndi, barat, valima, etc. Once the rishta for marriage has been fixed, parents organize the formal ceremony of engagement. Therefore, engagement is considered, as the first ceremony in Pakistani wedding. According to the Pakistani culture, parents of groom send the formal proposal to bride’s parents and ask for rishta. If bride and her parents agree for rishta then they proceed towards engagement. With the modernization on matchmaking, now people start preferring the online matrimonial website rather than rishta aunty, as online shaadi service in Pakistan seems more convenient. Continue reading “10 Interesting Facts about Engagement Rings”

Top 10 Reasons That Lead To Divorce in Pakistani Marriages

Divorce is considered as immoral thing in Pakistani society. However, the rate of divorce is continuously rising as an impact of modern world social issues. Divorce does not only affect social life of man and woman but their children also suffer. Most of the parents hasten to fix the girl rishta or boy rishta in Pakistan for fulfilling their responsibilities. When they get the suitable rishta for marriage, they fix it without checking the compatibility. It becomes seed of rickety conjugal relationship. To make your marriage successful, you need to be conscious while choosing the online rishta in Pakistan. Afterward, just be loyal in marriage and try to cope with all issues that may lead to divorce. Continue reading “Top 10 Reasons That Lead To Divorce in Pakistani Marriages”

10 Ways to Surprise Your Husband on Wedding Anniversary

Wedding day is the big day for the couple, so they always want to praise the day for all of its blessings. Whether it is your first wedding anniversary or 10th wedding anniversary, you should celebrate it for celebrating your success of marriage. Most of the women want to get surprises from their husbands, so most husbands do so. However, husbands also deserve to feel special on their wedding anniversary. Sweet and cute surprises do not only make him feel special but also honoring him for all of his efforts for happy marriage. If you are looking for such surprises then follow this article. Continue reading “10 Ways to Surprise Your Husband on Wedding Anniversary”

Why Most Women Are Not Getting Married In Pakistan

In our male dominant society, conservative parents do not allow their daughters to take any decision regarding their marriage. Girls are bonded to marry the chosen person on their parents’ command. However, this scenario is changing with the outbreak of girls’ education and awareness regarding rights of woman in our society. It was the trend that parents started seeking the rishta for girl in Pakistan when girl reached the age of marriage. It is the dominant reason of early marriage of girls in Pakistan. However, now woman refuses to get married at early age. They do not take the marriage as an only objective of life. Continue reading “Why Most Women Are Not Getting Married In Pakistan”

10 Mistakes Men Commonly Makes In Marriage

Couple should remember the main aim of the shaadi, i.e. happiness and satisfaction. The traditional man thinks that woman is responsible to keep the marriage by compromising with her in-laws and husband. This thinking has been grown within Pakistani society, so most people seek the online rishta in Pakistan with such perspective. However, these men’s viewpoints can ruin the entire marriage, gradually. Continue reading “10 Mistakes Men Commonly Makes In Marriage”

Rules for Wife that Must Be Followed for Happy Married Life

Muslim Marriage is considered as the first brick to establish the perfect family according to Islam. Shaadi is the beautiful relationship between two souls, who meant to spend their life with each other. To keep the marriage happy and satisfied, both the mates should follow some rule of marriage. The obvious rules for happy marriage that should follow by wife, are trust, loyalty, respect, obedience, and satisfaction. Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) declared the reward for righteous wife, i.e.:

“Any woman who dies while her husband is pleased with her will enter the Garden.”  (Ibn Majah& At-Tirmidhi)

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Dowry Culture in Pakistan

In Pakistan, parents start preparing the dowry when their daughter reaches the age of marriage. In our society, the dowry culture makes the daughter as burden for parents. In Pakistan, parents do not only have the responsibility to find the suitable girl rishta or boy rishta for their children but they also have to prepare the Jaheiz or dowry for their daughters. Dowry becomes the curse for women, as many mishaps occur due to dowry, such as engagement gets broken, in-laws burn the bride, husband does domestic violence, etc. Continue reading “Dowry Culture in Pakistan”

What to Know Before Signing Nikah Nama?

Nikkah is the beautiful legal agreement between two mates, who want to spend rest of their life with each other. Everyone dreams about his or her life partner, who supports him or her in every hardship of life. According to our Islamic teachings, when you start liking someone then offer him or her nikkah. Islamic marriage is based on the nikkah, which binds two persons in this beautiful relationship. Traditionally, parents or elders of the family find the suitable rishta in Pakistan and arrange the shaadi. The nikkah-khuwan fills the Nikah Nama as according the groom’s and bride’s parents. In Pakistan, most of the brides do not even know about what is written in those columns. However, education and awareness have been now changing this scenario. Now both the companions want to know about their rights written on Nikah Nama. If you are going to marry soon then you must know the importance of columns given on Nikah Nama. Continue reading “What to Know Before Signing Nikah Nama?”