How to Make Pakistani Wedding Less Costly

Bride and Groom want to make their dream wedding memorable. From the day of fixing the online rishta in Pakistan, they start planning about all wedding function. They want everything remarkable as they have dreamed about. However, the dream wedding becomes costly if you do not plan the wedding competently. Most of the people prefer to hire the best wedding planners of Pakistan, who can organized each event with better proficiency. Although best wedding planners may charge the costly package for royal Continue reading “How to Make Pakistani Wedding Less Costly”

Marriage Customs That Need To Be Banned in Pakistan

The Pakistani shaadi season has been come again. Now, relatives from far places will come at one place to celebrate the weeklong Pakistani wedding. Marriage is the solid milestone of anyone’s life so people want the shadi to be memorable for everyone. Groom and Bride families spend a lot of money to make the marriage lavishing and royal. However, these spending seem just a waste of money and time. Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said

“The best wedding is that upon which the least trouble and expense is bestowed” (Mishkat).

Although, we have forgotten this teaching and we follow the unnecessary marriage customs to satisfy our social status. Pakistani government is working to eliminate such Pakistani marriage customs. However, many individuals still follow those redundant traditions in Pakistani shaadi to bragger themselves in society. Continue reading “Marriage Customs That Need To Be Banned in Pakistan”