Legal way to Recover the Dowry under Pakistani Law

want to give every stable thing in dowry to their daughter, so they prepare the
dowry with all of their will. They do not expect that their daughter’s marriage
can break under any severe circumstances and they have to roam for dowry
recovery. Some people think that it is right of man to take the dowry from his
parents in law, as he is going to take the responsibility of their daughter. However,
common saying about such people is:

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Dowry Culture in Pakistan

In Pakistan, parents start preparing the dowry when their daughter reaches the age of marriage. In our society, the dowry culture makes the daughter as burden for parents. In Pakistan, parents do not only have the responsibility to find the suitable girl rishta or boy rishta for their children but they also have to prepare the Jaheiz or dowry for their daughters. Dowry becomes the curse for women, as many mishaps occur due to dowry, such as engagement gets broken, in-laws burn the bride, husband does domestic violence, etc. Continue reading “Dowry Culture in Pakistan”