7 Things Women Should Know Before Signing Nikah Nama

7 Things Women Should Know Before Signing Nikah Nama

Nikah papers do not only legalize the marriage but also secure the rights of women. Previously, girls did not even know about their marital rights. They are instructed to obey their husbands irrespective of their own consent. However, this scenario is changing gradually with the outbreak awareness campaigns for women rights. If you are seeking the online rishta in Pakistan or going to marry soon, then you must know about few things before signing in nikah name. Muslim Family law 1961 has secured the rights of women on the contract papers of nikah. It includes haq mehr (حق مہر), talaq e tafweez (طلاقِ تفویز), permission of second marriage, maintenance money (نان و نفقہ) and more. Here you can find important things, which every girl should know before marriage.

1.Maintenance Monthly Expense:

Girl should know that her husband is bond to give the
monthly budget and pocket money for her maintenance. This right has been pinned
at clause no. 17 on nikah paper. Girl or her family has the right to ask
specific amount as نان
و نفقہ
before or at the time of nikkah. If your husband does not comply with written rights
then you can claim against him.

2.Own the Earning:

Girls, who are doing job after marriage, should know that their husband could not take their money without their consent. Women are not responsible to earn money for managing home expenses. The money you make from your job is totally yours. You are free to spend it on anywhere. In addition, your husband does not force you to go out and earn money for maintaining lifestyle. It is his responsibility to meet the need of his family on his own. Whether you are going to marry through online shaadi in Pakistan or through any traditional way, you should discuss about this right before marriage.

3.Consent of Intimacy:

The typical conservative parents teach their daughter
that she does not have the right to refuse her husband for anything. However,
women have the right to refuse any level of intimacy. Husband is bond to ask
for his wife consent before intimacy. If he does not take her consent and does
intercourse forcefully then that will be considered as marital rape. Wife can
file a case in family court under such circumstances.

4.Own Her Inherited Property:

It is not obligatory for woman to transfer her inherited property to her husband. Whatever she gets from his father’s property, she can own it as hers. The greedy people mostly want to get high profile online girl rishta in Pakistan and get the financial benefit from her property. Therefore, parents should investigate enough about boy rishta and his family for online shadi in Pakistan. If you are seeking the best life partner then you should search at the portal of online matrimonial website of Pakistan.

5.Say Big No to Dowry

In Pakistan, dowry is prohibited. If boy or his family
demands money or anything as marital gifts then you can report and file case in
the family court of law. According to Bridal Gift and Marriage Functions
Restriction Bill, 2017, marital gift should not be greater than 50 thousand in
worth. If anyone exceeds this limit then he will be punished as per dowry law,
i.e. minimum six month imprisonment with fine that may extend to 10 thousand

6.Pose Restriction On Man To Re-Marry:

Woman also has the right to restrict her husband from second marriage. Clause 21 in nikkah nama is bonding the man from remarrying without his first wife permission. According to Muslim family law 1961, man cannot do the secret marriage or hide the second nikkah from his first wife. He has to show the evidence of her first wife approval for marrying again. If you get the rishta for second marriage then you should ask for his first wife consent with his second marriage. Otherwise, you should refuse to marry such man.

7.Right to Divorce:

Woman also has the right to divorce her husband. Most of
the people intertwine Khulah with Talaq e tafweez. However, both of them are
different from each other. In Talaq e tafweez, woman can give the divorce to
her husband in a same manner as man does. The divorce lawyers guide you about
all the important factors for giving legal divorce to husband. In clause no 18
on nikkah nama, groom is asked to give the right of divorce to bride too. Some people
consider it bad to discuss on this happy occasion. However, it is important for
preventing worst stages that may occur later in marriage.

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