10 Ways to Make your Wife Respect You More

10 Ways to Make your Wife Respect You More

In Islamic marriage, both the partners want to get love and respect from each other. However, love is depending on respect you gain. Man only feels affection for woman, who gives him respect. Therefore, the prime tip to keep your Pakistani marriage strong is earning the respect from your wife. According to the Islamic teachings, husbands are considered as the Majazi Khuda(مجازی خدا)  so it becomes obligatory for women to respect her husband and obey him. However, the overruling and overriding nature of man may sometimes result in losing respect from wife’s heart. Here we are giving some tips and ways to make your wife respect you more so the bond of affection becomes stronger.

1.Give Respect to Gain Respect

It is the golden rule that respect attracts the respect. If you want to get respect from your wife then you should start giving her respect first. Woman is just starving for respect, as it is the best thing a man can give. She cannot feel affection toward the man, who does not admire her or treat her kindly. Therefore, if you want to make the marriage healthy and successful then start investing the respect in your relationship. Wife will feel blessed to have such gentleman in her life so she automatically start building the highest rank for you in her heart. The simple tips to show respect to wife are listen her, take suggestions from her, make her priority, appreciate her efforts, show love, and more. It is the backbone of successful shaadi in Pakistan, which has to adopt by every husband.

2.Be Honest:

Always be truthful and honest to your wife. Women have an extra sense of catching the lies so do not try to hide anything or lie to her. If she catch you red-handed then you may lost your respect. Keeping the trust is one of the ultimate ways to get the respect from wife. Do not hide or lie to your wife, as it may break her trust on you and ultimately decrease the respect for you. This rule also applies to the seekers, who are searching the online rishta in Pakistan. Most of the people lie at the time of online matchmaking in Pakistan as they considered it the best way to find perfect rishta. However, those lies can weaken the relationship from roots.

3.Take Stand for Her

wants her husband to take stand for her in front of her critics. In Pakistani
marriage, various aunties from husband’s family play the role of vamp. They
keep exaggerating the mistakes and discouraging the daughter in-laws. At that
time, husband needs to stand for her and keeps her strong in front of those
criticisms. Husbands should also not allow any third person to say anything
about his marriage. This guarding attitude of husband makes the wife feel
secured and satisfied, which ultimately elevates the respect of husband.

4.Keep your Promises

If you ever commit any promise or give the words to
your wife then try to fulfill those promises. Wife acknowledges the husband for
working on his words. It is the simplest and easiest way to earn the respect
from wife. 

5.Give her all Marital Rights

to Muslim Family ordinance 1961, wife has some marital rights on husbands, i.e.
providing maintenance essentials, sexual rights, financial rights, societal
rights, etc. Wife feels safe and secured with the husband, who complies with
theses duties. By simply providing her reversed rights, you can gain the
respect from her. When you are giving her rights then it becomes obligatory for
her to give your rights to you.

6.Do Not Being Clingy With Wife

does not like the man who always shows clinginess 24/7. Most of the husbands
think that being clingy is the simple way to show love. However, it may annoy
the wife. Do not be dependent on your wife for small chores. Just give her the
space for herself and try to help her in household chores. It is the endearing
way to restore the love and respect for each other and revive the essence of
love in marriage.

7.Appreciate Her In Front Of Others

Wife does many things for making your house feel like home, ranging from household chore to raising your children. Her efforts need your appreciation. Your few words of acknowledgement can make her day. She starts respecting you more if you acknowledge her in front of others, as she perceives it as respectful gesture by you. According to the famous saying in Urdu,

بیوی کو نصیحت کرنی
ہے تو اکیلے میں کرو اور تعریف کرنی ہے تو سب کے سامنے کرو۔

8.Let Her Follow Her Dreams

Do not put restriction on her dreams or constrain her to accomplish her aim. She may want to follow her passion or want to become entrepreneur. You can be the big support for her in chasing the dreams. It does not only lift up your position in your wife’s heart but also you may feel proud to have the successful woman as wife. If you choose the working-woman online girl rishta for marriage from online shaadi in Pakistan, then let her proceed in her job career.

9.Be a Gentleman

gets attracted to the gentleman, who has the kind and humble nature. Similarly,
your wife also wants to see her husband as gentleman. Husband should be kind
and modest with his wife as it can increase the respect of him.

10.Fulfill Her Financial and Sexual Need

Woman wants her husband to meet her financial and
sexual needs. It does not only strengthen the marriage but also satisfies the
woman in your nikkah. You invest little efforts to keep your wife happy; she
will give the bigger profit in terms of respect.

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