10 Mistakes Men Commonly Makes In Marriage

10 Mistakes Men Commonly Makes In Marriage

Couple should remember the main aim of the shaadi, i.e. happiness and satisfaction. The traditional man thinks that woman is responsible to keep the marriage by compromising with her in-laws and husband. This thinking has been grown within Pakistani society, so most people seek the online rishta in Pakistan with such perspective. However, these men’s viewpoints can ruin the entire marriage, gradually. Men need to work on themselves first for keeping the marriage peaceful. Here we have been discussing the common mistakes, done by men in marriage.

1.Degrading the wife:

to Islam, woman has the responsibility to obey her husband and look after his
kids and home. Woman also compromises her career, her interests, and her time
for the period of complying with allotted responsibilities. After her
compromises, if husband degrade her then it will be disappointing for her. Men
usually do not bother about women’s effort in marriage and it ruins the
ambiance of love in marriage. If you are one of those husbands, then look at
your wife’s efforts and compromises for your home. You will definitely start
appreciating and acknowledging her with heart.

2.Hiding the Secrets

is the companionship of two individuals, who do not only share their lives with
each other but also share their secrets, stories, life’s lessons, happiness,
etc. Husbands usually make the mistake of hiding their secrets from wives. Man
usually thinks that if he exposes himself in front of wife, then he will become
vulnerable in any argument. However, sharing secrets can strengthen the wife’s
trust on her husband. You can use this to keep your marriage strong and happy.

3.Criticizing Her Ideas

traditional men generally do not listen to their wives, as they do not prefer
their suggestion worthy and useful. If they listen to their wives, then they
start criticizing their idea, despite of encouraging them. However, Almighty
Allah has given the same intellectual capability to woman too. Men should
consider the women’s thoughts in any problems, as they can give better advice
for the betterment. Husband is the only person who can brace his wife’s self-esteem
by valuing her thought. Wife will feel worthy and important in husband’s life.


lying with your wife. If you have done anything wrong, then do not lie about
it. You can break the trust of your wife, if she catches your lies. Lies can
give the permanent dent on the beautiful relationship. Do not give the
dishonesty scar on your marriage. For keeping the trust intact in marriage, you
should stop being deceitful and disloyal with your wife.

5.Never Saying Sorry

It is the myth that only woman does not say sorry on her mistake. There are many husbands, who share the same attribute in Pakistani marriages. Some husbands have brought their ego on another level so they do not want to kneel for accepting their mistake. This rigid behavior can mess up the feeling of togetherness and understanding. You will never feel little in front of anyone if you accept your mistake and ask the apology for it. Admit your mistake, say sorry to your wife, and loss the argument for the sake of happy married life.

6.Ignoring Her Actual Needs

Your wife does not want the expensive gift and fancy jewelry. She needs your time, love, affection, and fondness. Husbands usually make mistakes in finding out the actual needs of wives. You can simply fulfill all such needs by simply showing love gesture and by bringing the quality time for her. It can revive the essence of love in your marriage. Islam also teaches the husband to love the wife with whole heartedness.

بیوی سے محبت کرنا سنت ہے۔

You can make her feel special on her special days,
such as birthday, anniversary, women’s day, etc. These gestures signify her
importance in your life.

7.Saying Harsh Words in Anger

The worst decisions are given in anger, so Islam forbids the anger. Husband in anger can spoil the entire base of marriage in seconds. Mostly, revocable divorce occurs due to anger of husband. Men are dealing with so many things in their social and practical life, so they become exhausted and stressed at some point. These worn out situations stimulate the anger and bitterness, which men puke out on wife. If you have such short-tempered mind, then keep yourself away from wife in such state of mind. Your bitterness and harsh words make her feel unworthy and unlovable. She may start thinking that she may be creating the problem in your life.

8.Giving Priorities to Other Things

wife does not want to stand on number second on your priority list. Always give
the deserving position to your wife, i.e. number one on priority list. Whether
she wants to spend time with you or wants to go out with you, you should bring
the time for her. If you have other important stuff to be done first, then
satisfy her for keeping her confidence in you. It can keep your marriage alive,
healthy, and happy.

9.Not Showing Empathy

time, man usually stops showing the empathy for healthy relationship. Women
want to get the feeling of togetherness with the husband, as it makes the woman
feel understood and secured. Your wife is doing so much for you and your
family. You should always empathize your wife by showing simple gestures of
love and support. The empathizing behavior acknowledges her, so she starts
feeling validated and understood in beautiful relationship of marriage.

10.Comparing Her with Other

If you compare your wife with anyone else, then she starts feeling degraded and discouraged. Everyone has his or her own abilities and his or her own place, so keep everyone’s place separated. The typical husband expects to get the wife, having the nature like his mother. It is not the right way to find the rishta for perfect marriage. The service of online shaadi in Pakistan is helping you in getting your required online rishta for girls and online rishta for boys but you need to be flexible in your requirements. If you keep comparing your wife with any female, then she will start feeling insecure. The feeling of insecurity weakens the marriage and can lead to dissolution of marriage.

Shaadi with your Miss Perfect can only be sustained if you keep your relation healthy. Avoid making above-mentioned mistakes and keep the essence of love in your marriage. The online matrimonial website is providing the ultimate destination to find the online rishta in Pakistan, as per your requirement. You just need to get the free registration, make your profile at Pakistani matrimonial website, and buy the suitable package for fast matchmaking. Do not compromise love in your marital life, as it is the key to have the successful Pakistani marriage.

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