10 Interesting Facts about Engagement Rings

10 Interesting Facts about Engagement Rings

In Pakistan, Islamic shaadi is consisted of various rituals such as engagement, date fixing, mehndi, barat, valima, etc. Once the rishta for marriage has been fixed, parents organize the formal ceremony of engagement. Therefore, engagement is considered, as the first ceremony in Pakistani wedding. According to the Pakistani culture, parents of groom send the formal proposal to bride’s parents and ask for rishta. If bride and her parents agree for rishta then they proceed towards engagement. With the modernization on matchmaking, now people start preferring the online matrimonial website rather than rishta aunty, as online shaadi service in Pakistan seems more convenient. If you have found your life partner, then the formal engagement should be your first step. Here are some interesting facts that make you astonished about engagement rings.

  1. In Pakistani culture, engagement of bride and groom occurs separately. Bride and groom do not exchange the engagement rings directly. The groom’s woman or elder woman of his family places the engagement ring on bride’s finger and bride’s father or any elder man places the ring on groom’s finger. However, the tradition of engagement is changing with the intrusion of eastern culture. Now bride and groom ask to exchange the rings by themselves.
  2. Engagement ceremony was not existed in Pakistani culture, but it is added to mark the fixed rishta in Pakistan. When parents fix the girl rishta or boy rishta then they inform the society by performing the engagement ceremony.
  3. According to the observations, interested man proposes the girl with engagement ring.  Engagement ring signifies the commitment of marriage so it is considered as the best way to ask for marriage.
  4. The material and size of ring matter for the girl. In this era of materialism, girls love the heavier caret ring with embedded expensive stone. Traditionally, simple gold engagement ring was considered precious as gift. However, society praises the man, who presents the expensive engagement gift.
  5. According to the researches, mostly men spend almost 1 to 3 month salary for buying the ideal engagement ring for the fiance. The size of diamond and purity of gold or platinum can increase the price of engagement rings in Pakistan.
  6. The trending engagement rings in Pakistan are diamond rings, white gold ring with diamond, Platinum ring with birthstone, couple’s ring for engagement, etc. There are many designs are available at Pakistani jeweler shop. The middle class families mostly prefer to buy the gold engagement ring while well off families have the preference of gold embedded platinum or white gold ring.
  7. According to prehistoric cultures, engagement ring should be worn on third finger. The third finger actually has the vein that goes directly to the heart. It is believed that wearing engagement ring on third finger can strengthen the relation between the couple. Pakistani families also believe in this concept after getting influence from eastern culture. After getting the perfect online rishta for marriage, families just exchange the rings for keeping marriage commitment.
  8. In this modern world, couples prefer to buy the customized engagement rings. On those couple rings, the special date or name is engraved that makes the ring admirable. Mostly, people want the engagement date or propose day on the inner rim of engagement ring. It makes them to remember the beautiful moment of engagement.
  9. It is seen that mostly people propose the girl in the month of December and on New Year occasion. However, mostly engagements occur in the month of January and February in Pakistan. The shaadi season in Pakistan happens in the month of March, April, September, October, November, and December. Therefore, if you are planning to propose someone, do check the perfect month for engagement. The pleasant weather on proposal day can make her say yes for you.
  10. According to the surveys, it is seen that engagement rings are way expensive than wedding ring. The reason behind this fact is, engagement ring is the first official gift from groom. Therefore, grooms want to impress their brides with an expensive gift like diamond ring or White gold ring.

Everyone should feel the charm of engagement before the wedding. If you are married then just give surprise your wife with expensive ring. If you do not get married yet, then find your perfect life partner from online matrimonial website. The online marriage bureau provides the largest platform to find best online rishta in Pakistan without any hassle. The free registration option with reasonable matchmaking package makes the service convenient and fast. Just create your profile, buy the package, and find your Mr. Right or Miss Perfect. After choosing the life partner, proceed the beautiful rishta by exchanging the engagement rings.

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