Dowry, A Curse Or Blessing For Pakistani Shadi, What Does Islam Says About It?

When it comes to Pakistani shadi, dowry is found at the top of the list of wedding preparations. It is the old-age custom that is affecting women’s pride in our society. Although Islam has elevated the status of women, the conservative people still mourn the birth of a girl due to this dowry curse for women. However, dowry culture does not eradicate completely from our shadi culture. Whether it is a modern online shadi or typical marriage in Pakistan, dowry is still found in the shape of expensive gifts and heavy money amounts. According to the Islamic view, it should be condemned to make marriage happy and successful. Our beloved Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) always encouraged simple and easy marriages to eliminate the illicit sexual sins. If you are intending to get married, then you should contribute to eradicate dowry culture in Pakistan. Continue reading “Dowry, A Curse Or Blessing For Pakistani Shadi, What Does Islam Says About It?”

A Brief Guide on Christian Marriage and Divorce Act 2019 Pakistan

Christian community finds in minorities in Pakistan that makes up a simple 5% of the total population of Pakistan. They contribute to social sector development throughout the country, so govt. of Pakistan has secured their rights under the laws for minorities. When it comes to Christian marriage in Pakistan, the government of Pakistan implies the important Christian marriage laws for fortifying the Christian community. From Christian rishta in Pakistan to Christian matrimony, everything is covered in this article to let you know about the Christian marriage rights in Pakistan. Continue reading “A Brief Guide on Christian Marriage and Divorce Act 2019 Pakistan”

What Is The Perfect Age For Muslim Marriage In Pakistan?

In the patriarchal society, young brides are considered as the perfect bride for an individual. This dogma is feeding the practices of child marriage in Pakistan. According to WHO’s report, approximately 21 % of girls got married before their marriageable age. The driving factors of child marriages are our conventional norms, patriarchal belief, illiteracy, and more. However, Islam and the Government of Pakistan have specified the perfect age for Muslim marriage. We have discussed the Islamic perspective and legal viewpoint for Muslim shadi of girls and boys. Every online rishta seekers should start seeking perfect rishta after reaching the marriageable age of Continue reading “What Is The Perfect Age For Muslim Marriage In Pakistan?”

What Are Gurdwara Wedding Rules In Pakistan?

Sikh wedding in Gurdwara features the religious customs, mesmerizing rituals, and traditional norms of Sikhism. Sikh communities are found in minorities of Pakistan, but Pakistan has given full liberty to perform all religious practices. However, the Gurdwara wedding rules will be applied to the Sikh marriage ceremony in Pakistan. Under Punjab Sikh Anand Karaj Marriage Act 2018, it is compulsory for couple to register their Anand Karaj marriage within 30 days of marriage. If you have found your perfect online Sikh boy rishta or Sikh girl rishta from an online matrimonial platform, then start organizing your dream Gurdwara wedding in Pakistan. Continue reading “What Are Gurdwara Wedding Rules In Pakistan?”

Why Child Marriage Is Not Good For The Couple?

Child Marriage refers to the marriage between a child bride and older men and vice versa. In Pakistan, early marriages are mostly driven by conservative norms, gender dominance, cousin marriage trend, sharia law, etc. Pakistani shadi of child brides in backward areas mostly occurs under the influence of the traditional culture of early marriages because conformist people believe that girls should get married early for the sake of their honor protection. However, the government of Pakistan and the different NGOs has taken the prevailing steps to end child marriages in Continue reading “Why Child Marriage Is Not Good For The Couple?”

Anand Karaj Ceremony under Sikh Marriage Act Pakistan

Pakistani shadi is the most celebrated life milestone in every religion. Sikh community in Pakistan also considers marriage as the spiritual union of a man and woman. They follow their traditional marriage norms, rituals, and custom to make this blissful occasion divine for the Sikh couple and their families. The Government of Pakistan gives all rights to the minorities in practicing their religion. Thus, the Sikh Marriage Act has passed to fulfill the demands of the Sikh community, i.e., legal registration of marriage under the Sikh marriage ceremony. The online shadi website in Pakistan complies with all legislation for Muslim marriages and Pakistani Marriages. Thus, the online matrimonial site provides a wide range of Pakistani Sikh girls and sikh boys rishta for online rishta seekers Continue reading “Anand Karaj Ceremony under Sikh Marriage Act Pakistan”

What Pakistani Law says about Child Marriage?

When it comes to Pakistani shadi, the practice of child marriage is commonly found in backward areas of Pakistan. According to UNICEF’s latest census, almost 21% of girls are found married before age of 18 and 3% before the age of 15. This statistic shows the prevalence of child marriage that has to stop now for controlling the devastating consequences. Pakistani Government has taken many steps to limit the prevalence of child marriages, so they have passed some practical Child marriage laws. Here, we discuss the implemented acts and laws to restrain child marriage. The best online shadi sites in Pakistan always consider the age of the candidate before Continue reading “What Pakistani Law says about Child Marriage?”

COVID 19, A Blessing or Curse for Pakistani Weddings 2020?

COVID 19 pandemic is considered as the disastrous epidemic of this era because it has ruined the normal life routine. Thus, in this context, coronavirus has arrived as a disaster for human beings. When it comes to Pakistani weddings, it can perceive as a blessing because corona compels the people to hold a wedding in a simple and Islamic thriving manner. The reason is fat wedding plans can boost the outbreak of corona in a vigorous way. The government of Pakistan provides the essential SOPs and COVID-19 guidelines for Pakistani wedding events. The foremost guidelines to curb coronavirus in Pakistan include limited timing of a ceremony (2 hours), no buffet dinner, limited guest, wedding in an open canopy, and compliance with corona SOPs. Continue reading “COVID 19, A Blessing or Curse for Pakistani Weddings 2020?”

A Brief Guide Why A Muslim Woman Can’t Marry A Non-Muslim?

Single Muslim women in America struggle to get perfect rishta in their forties and fifties because mostly men desire to get young Muslim girls for marriage in USA. Thus, over-aged women have to expand their fold to be in someone’s protection. This struggle brings serious questions that why interfaith marriages are prohibited in Islam? Or why a Muslim woman can’t marry a non-Muslim. Continue reading “A Brief Guide Why A Muslim Woman Can’t Marry A Non-Muslim?”

What Does The Quran Say About The Interfaith Marriage?

The subject of interfaith marriage in Islam becomes an important concern for overseas Pakistani people, who want to get married in the USA, UK, Dubai, or any other country. Every Muslim knows that interfaith marriages are prohibited for having major religious differences. However, many Muslim brides and Muslim grooms may have some doubts regarding the limitations that make it prohibited in Islam. This issue has developed a critical debate between extremists and liberals Muslims. Liberals interpret the Quranic teachings as per their understanding, and so as the extremists do. Here, we quote all relevant Quranic verses related to interfaith marriages and discuss them according to our understanding. Continue reading “What Does The Quran Say About The Interfaith Marriage?”